WWOOR Watches

WWOOR wristwatch bursts into prominence in Chinese wristwatch circle. With its spirit of making things better and keeping abreast with the times, it has been quickly favored by watch-enthusiasts across the world. Taking auspicious four-leaf clover as its prototype for design,the logo of WWOOR wristwatch symbolizes true love, health, fortune and reputation. Meanwhile, WWOOR isn’t limited to youth and fashion. The dial plate is concise but not simple, trendy but not showy. The scale marks and pointers stay intact where they have always been. This way, not only has the feeling that has been passed down on by the traditional watch-making principle been profoundly interpreted, but also the glamor of wristwatch has been extended in an elegant modern way. The WWOOR team gets hold of fashion and innovates ideas, and at the same time, the team looks back to the classics, plays them up and passes them on. As long as you can see what others cannot, WWOOR will give you anything as you want.